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When a Marriage Reaches the End of the Road

Families matter to us. We understand the cause and effect that legal problems — in particular divorce, parenting time and paternity conflicts –can have on a family. That is why the Hamilton County, Indiana, law office of Freedman Law, P.C. resolves legal issues with a focus on how the solutions and outcomes will impact the family members over the long term. In more than 30 years of experience, we have found that divorce, parenting time and paternity cases may be caused by — or profoundly affect — other very important relationships and issues in your life.

We strive to provide families with a range of legal services that match their needs. Since divorce can be a symptom — or a cause — of other legal problems, Freedman Law, P.C. also represents clients in financial matters, advanced planning, estate and administrative matters, among others. We are adept at handling complicated divorce matters as well as straightforward, uncontested and uncomplicated dissolution of marriage cases.

When you contact the family law attorneys at Freedman Law, P.C., we will frequently invite you to schedule a highly informative consultation. At that consultation, we will do our best to educate you about the divorce laws that pertain to your case, and how your case is most likely to proceed. Based on the facts that you share with Freedman Law, we will let you know how we believe the courts may view and resolve the issues in your dissolution case.  In family law, there are no guaranteed results.  However, in consultation with you, the Fishers, Indiana law firm of Freedman Law will plan a strategy that will have the best chance of achieving the outcome you want.

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A Roadmap Through the Divorce Process

If your divorce is contested, it is not unusual for the case to take several months to resolve. Typically, it may take some time to discover all of the marital assets and liabilities of both spouses in order to prepare for final hearing or to prepare a comprehensive settlement agreement. If custody is an issue, a time-consuming — and sometimes costly — custody evaluation may be warranted. There may be sporadic or consistent conflict between the divorcing parties, which in turn may lead to anxiety and emotional upset. Sources of conflict that lead to divorce may include infidelity, substance abuse, domestic abuse or violence, financial disagreements and parenting conflicts, among many others. An experienced divorce law firm such as Freedman Law, P.C. can help you to understand and to cope with the emotional challenges that inevitably result from the breakup of a family or household.

In uncontested divorce cases, Freedman Law will advise you about different approaches to working with your spouse to negotiate the division of your assets and any issues relating to child custody, child support, emancipation, parenting time and/or paternity. In contested divorce cases, the Fishers, Indiana-based Freedman Law, P.C. will typically attempt to negotiate with your spouse’s attorney. Our experienced family law attorneys will plan the final hearing and if necessary, will gather testimony and evidence from expert witnesses and other third parties. This evidence can take many forms including appraisals, medical records, school records, employment records, etc., as well as live witnesses. Freedman Law, P.C. will use the information gathered to prepare for any hearings or settlement negotiations in your case. Once there has been a final hearing or you have reached a settlement agreement, you and your spouse will receive the final decree which typically covers property division, child custody, parenting time, child support and other important issues. Throughout the divorce process, we will keep you informed, stay sensitive to your feelings and stress, and offer our emotional support together with our legal expertise. The Hamilton County, Indiana office of Freedman Law, P.C. will also confer with you regularly concerning the costs and objectives of the representation.

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